Guacamole 360 Degree aims to provide nutritious meals for the everyday worker. You’ll be surprised that a diet packed with fresh vegetables could be extremely appetising, flavoursome and mouth-watering.
Not only do we aim to provide variety and quality food, we believe that our food would ignite the senses and soul for a memorable experience. Our food will help you understand our passion of going back to basics. At the heart of Guacamole 360 Degree is a mission to cater food of high nutritional standards.

Despite all the junk food in the world, we can at least take comfort in the fact that there are still restaurants entirely dedicated the foods like Guacamole 360 Degree exist. Singapore is finally blessed with a chef that’s entirely devoted to your healthy eating of superfood – Guacamole.

Mrs lim suffered a stroke cum jaundice for greater part of 2018, which left her in bed for a month. It was during this time that Guacamole 360 Degree was birthed. Guacamole is a heavily codified, hard to master, desperately complexed traditions of healthy food, very few could excel. Come visit us and taste for yourself the very refined of Guacamoles under the cover of face to face fried chip. Our diners have the first class gastronomic experience in an informal setting that evokes Mexican pop in a warm and enchanting ambience. Whether you are here to impress your sweetheart or treat yourself to a healthy, satisfying meal; our warm, savoury fresh, flavourful smoothies are waiting for you!

Mrs. Lim

Founder of Guacamole 360 Degree

Born Jerome Lim, a Singaporean of Chinese origin. Jerome has from young, loved food. From a young age, he enjoyed watching his Mom and Grandma cook for their family and it was then he discovered that making food is a wholehearted expression of love. Jerome spent a lot of his younger years reading cookbooks and adjusting to various recipe types. After graduation, he has since worked in many different eateries, including some restaurants along Robertson Quay. His family and friends are his most avid and enthusiastic food taste testers. Jerome takes pride in influencing viewers to become more culinary adventurous. Be sure to head down to Bayfront today to try it out for yourself!

Jerome Lim

Residential Chef